With offices in Minneapolis and Denver, Conscious Universe Productions (CUP) is a cooperatively owned Radio, Television, Internet, and Live Event Production and Management venture with the sole purpose of insuring that grassroots related, community enhancing, and independent productions with the purpose of expanding human consciousness become a reality.

As a Public Benefit Corporation certified to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency, the team of content creators, educators, writers, digital artists, animators, filmmakers, designers, event experts and other production related professionals band together to engage the mission of reviewing potential media projects to deem them necessary for the public to experience. They choose various projects that are then presented to different teams of independent producers who work to insure that some piece of initial media is produced to represent the project’s core.

CUP sanctioned projects remain in the hands of the creators who provides CUP with a portion of the revenue generated from future production and distribution of the media project that results from promotions using the initial media that was produced with the assistance of CUP and their independent production associates.

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