Conscious Universe Productions Inc (CUProductions) in conjunction with our sister Foundation and Ministry of Limitless Ideas and Free Environments (L.I.F.E.) and a host of other festival related enterprises and sponsoring partners is proud to do our part in the collaborative effort to encourage everyone to “Make the FEST of It” and help out workers and businesses impacted by the Covid-19 Outbreak this 2020 Festival Season.

Go to and be one of the first to order a Do-It-At-Home Fest Pack for the May 2020 Stay At Home Party!

With millions of people retreating to their homes and remaining in their communities for the next several months to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, many festivals and shows have been cancelled and will continue to be well into the 2020 Festival Season.

This means that not only will many festival fans not be traveling to events to experience their favorite festival musicians, DJs, visual artists, workshop facilitators, performers, merchandise and food vendors, and real life friend networks but thousands of workers like security, environmental services, production and venue personnel won’t be getting paychecks they rely on during the summer to survive.

CUProductions is stepping up to help produce the “Make the FEST of It” campaign that could potentially help hundreds and maybe thousands of these artists and workers in the festival community this summer but we can’t do it without your help. We’re helping produce several monthly Stay At Home Parties throughout the summer for which you can pre-order Do-It-At-Home Packs that include a lineup of international, national, and local streamed music concerts, DJ sets, virtual arts walks, online interactive seminars, facilitated yoga experiences, unique merchandise, gourmet food & beverage deliveries, and artistic cyber performances that you can choose from and enjoy right in the comfort of your own home or community.

Just go to NOW and pre-order your Do-It-At-Home Fest Pack for the first event date before the official Line-Up Announcement and get first dibs on the lineup choices and your chance to win prizes, special upgrades and exclusive access to the official Stay At Home Pre-Party the weekend before the first event!.

Festival Fans can also become a “Make the Fest of It” Subscriber and get access with a Subscriber Pass to several or all Stay At Home Party events in 2020 and delivery of customized or themed Do-It-At-Home Festival Packs for each one.

Theme Packs are for fans who have tastes for particular festival experiences. Learn more about them at

If you don’t want to participate in a Stay At Home Party event throughout the summer but you still want to contribute to the Festival Community Relief Fund to help festival workers effected economically by the Covid-19 Outbreak, please contribute to the Crowdfunding effort facilitated by The Foundation and Ministry of Limitless Ideas and Free Environments (L.I.F.E.).

Let’s do it to keep the music and art going, care and concern for fellow workers showing, and the love of the fans flowing!

Download the official Press Release.