With the growth of human technology in leaps and bounds there are numerous advancements that have been developed and are ready for use now or are on the horizon just about to be perfected. This is a great time to be alive because life is full of innovation that can help make our world more sustainable and more regenerative.

So what’s holding us back? Why are many of these innovations not being implemented? Clearly the reason for much of the chaos in the world is the blocking of innovation by structural situations that thwart the opportunity for some of these innovations to get to the public. We are so attached to the technology we already have that we are scared to lose it in order to make way for something that is much better for society in the long run.

Our Execs, Brian “Dr. L.I.F.E.” Hewlett and Kyle “Kaos” Wagner, started this podcast to bring you a series of video and audio offerings highlighting innovations that can offer society new life and at the same time show us the chaos of our current structure preventing the same society from moving forward. Only by educating ourselves on both the innovations within our life time and the chaos that thwarts advancement can we change the situation for the better as we move to a sustainable regenerative future.

We hope you enjoy the offerings below by clicking on the title to access the podcast that interests you.

Life and Kaos Audio Podcasts

Money Series

  • Produced by Brian Hewlett LLC
  • Facilitated by Brian “Dr. L.I.F.E.” Hewlett
  • Featuring everyday people from all across the United States
  • Recorded in various cities in the United States
  • Featuring:
    • Bob Wray, Financial Specialist
    • K. J. Thomas, Hay Field Rancher
    • Jenny Barcley, Bookstore, Internet Cafe, and Coffee Shop Owner

Cannabis, Marijuana, and Hemp Series (On The Couch at 420 On The Block)

Life and Kaos Video Podcasts

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