“There are eight million stories in the naked city” and we want to help you tell just one of them: your own!

Got a story you’ve crafted that is timeless, uplifting, expansive, transformative and will undoubtedly effect the consciousness of the audience? If so, we want to hear it, see it, or read it!



CUP seeks conscious content creators who want to effect the world through their ideas. The world needs innovators who through media projects reveal what is hidden, transform what no longer works, and encourages the discovery of the totally new.

Throughout history, humanity has been changed by the stories we tell each other and in this age of hand-held instant media, we want to help as many spirit lifting, mind expanding, transformational projects reach audiences via, the big screen, computer, tablet, smart phone, audio devices and more!

Our mission is simple! We want to assist those with conscious raising media project ideas in getting the resources needed to produce some initial media that introduces that project to the world.

Bring us your modern mythologies that inspire and transform and we will find the independent production team that will bring it to life! Together our CUP runneth over!

One thought on “%1$s”

  1. Giselle Koy, Director of the Conscious Media Festival, wrote that “Conscious Media is a platform for information that is not consumable by the normative media. It contains seeds for awakening and optimizing the human being. It also sheds light on information that has been hidden from humanity. This is disclosure and a current conscious media trend.”

    At Conscious Universe Productions we totally agree!! We know that many of you out there have projects that have the potential to help awaken your local communities and the global community to issues that need to be addressed in order to cooperatively create a better future for humanity and a better planet for us to live on. All you need is a chance to share it!

    Here’s your chance to make a difference through media! We started CUP with the hopes that you will take that chance!

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